Jandel Products

Below are the products manufactured by Jandel Engineering Limited. Please go to the individual product pages for further information

Jandel Four Point Probes

Jandel Engineering manufactures four point probes for research and development and to fit all probe stands known to us.
All of our standard probe heads incorporate double jewel guidance for certainty of spacing accuracy and have individually sprung needles.

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Jandel Test Units

Jandel Engineering manufactures test units specifically designed for four point probe measurements.
The units are combined constant current sources with inbuilt digital voltmeters so only a single unit is required to make four point probe measurements.
Our Test Units come with free software for operation and datalogging via USB and/or RS-232 interfaces.

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Jandel manual probe stands

Jandel Engineering manufactures a range of manual probe stands suitable for a wide range of applications
The different stands have different specialties depending on the measurement application and the size and/or shape of the samples to be measured.

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Jandel Auto Probe Stands

Semi automatic probe solutions

Automatic Stands

Jandel Accessories

Four point probe enhancements